Davis Companies is a full-service commercial real estate development firm .

We create high-quality residential, retail, office, and restaurant spaces while prioritizing the needs local markets and fostering economic growth through private sector investment.

What We Do

At Davis Companies, we prioritize understanding the local market and tailoring our developments to meet community needs. We believe that entrepreneurship and private investment are essential drivers of economic prosperity. By investing in the areas we serve and using local contractors and resources, we create high-quality spaces while keeping the generated wealth within the community. We are committed to understanding the local market, so we emphasize the importance of market research and analysis to ensure that our developments align with the demands and preferences of the community.

Multi-family Residential

We develop and invest in multi-family residential properties, creating comfortable and attractive housing options for individuals and families.


Through our creation of shopping centers and retail development, we build spaces that enhance the local retail landscape and contribute to economic growth.


Our background in restaurant development includes creating vibrant and welcoming restaurant spaces, often partnering with popular restaurant brands to bring new dining options to communities.


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